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Time Sucks

Today is a question day.

Question #18: Which activities make you lose track of time?

  • Writing.  I can easily lose track of time when I’m typing away at a scene I really like.  I just keep going until I think of something else for another part of the story, questions I want to answer within that chapter, or the scene plays out to the end.
  • Cross-stitching. Going through the thread and the patterns help me get lost when I need something patient to do.  I will admit that it takes a while to complete because I find myself stopping every so often and putting to the side, especially when I’m in school.
  • Reading.  Books are my best friend when I’m on the train or stuck in traffic.  Some books pull me in and I want to keep going until I done with them.  Other books take a while to get through, not because the story is bad, but that I find other things to do with my time other than read them.  American Gods or Eat Pray Love are a few of those books for me.  American Gods because it makes you think about what immigrants brought to the new world as far as their beliefs and superstitions.  Eat Pray Love was because I didn’t want to have to sort through my feelings like Liz did.  Now, I don’t have to sort through them as much because I’m in a different “place” in my life.
  • Binge Watching. Since Netflix started doing streaming and I found some shows that I used to watch and loved, binge watching while cross-stitching is a thing now.  I haven’t watched Netflix in while because of work, school, and training.  I do remember I’m almost done with Ghost Whisperer and Once Upon a Time.  I finally finished watching Haven.  Out of all of series I’ve seen, there have only been two series I’ve watched with really satisfying endings:  Haven and Lost Girl.  Neither left me wanting more so if you need recommendations for binge-worthy shows, check them out.  I’m waiting to see what happens with Grimm  Good thing I’m almost ready to start a new cross-stitch pattern now that I’ve sorted through the books to donate, sell, and read.
  • Ubering.  I’m adding this to the list because I can easily spend ten plus hours driving people around over the weekend.  I’ll tell Ray I’ll stop work at a certain time and then I look up after a few trips and it’s closer to that time than I would have liked.  Nights where I’m up almost 22 hours straight mean I’m stopping somewhere on the way home to nap.  I don’t often do it over the week because when I do lose track of time, I suffer the next day.  Getting up at 4:30 a.m. after you get home at 11 p.m./12 a.m. isn’t as easy as it used to be.
  • Social Media. This is another one that’s easy to lose time with.  Pick a reason for any of the time sucks like Facebook, YouTube, or Pinterest, and you’ll hit the nail on the head.  I use YouTube for music and following a few different vloggers, among the “how-to” videos and the Super Carlin Brothers.

I should probably mention I used to be a gamer and that helped me lose track of time.  I haven’t played a game in a while.  After about an hour of playing, I would quit.  Might need to do a game run though just to get rid of some frustration waiting for softball to start.

What are some things you do that make you lose track of time?  Let me know because I could always use new ideas and things to check out.

Listening to: Beauty and the Beast Broadway Soundtrack.

Reading:  Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop

Quote of the Day: “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” ― Maya Angelou


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Fear of Completion

Remember Thursday when I mentioned that I was almost done with my third goal this week?

Well, that is true.  I’ve just got to do the backstitch on my cross-stitch project and then wash it and then frame it.  I’m not sure if I’ll get it professionally framed or do it myself again.  It’s an awesome project but I found myself procrastinating on finishing it.  Why?  Because I’m not sure what to do next.

I do this a lot.  With my writing, with my projects, with my life sometimes.  Fear of the unknown and unplanned.

Along with the cross-stitch project, I’m procrastinating on the edits for my story.  I have a completed story and the first three chapter are epic, crafted to what I think of as near perfection.  Today, I got an e-mail asking for the rest of my manuscript…the part that isn’t edited yet because I’ve procrastinated on it.  I haven’t touched in over 3 months and now I need to finish the edits by tomorrow night.  I’m about halfway through the book now but this gnawing fear of what’s next eats at me and freezes me.

I am the biggest obstacle to my own happiness and fulfillment of my dreams.  I know this and still I don’t do much to break the cycle that I know is a character and keeps me from going after what I most want and/or need.  Hell, took me meeting Ray last fall before I knew what a true, loving, honest relationship could feel like.  It had only taken 28 years.

Fear of completion is a real thing though.  But moving through it and past it is the only way to get to the next step.  Fear of the unknown changes by learning things and plunging into the depths.  Letting go of the fear is letting yourself experience something, anything, that scares you but excites you.  Skydiving, swimming, cooking, writing, traveling… Go for it!

Listening to:  Hamilton Soundtrack

Reading:  Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Quote of the Day:  “Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.” ― Dale Carnegie

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