Sometimes, I wish there really was a guidebook about my life, specifically all about me, one that could help me with which direction to take to get to the different outcomes.  You know the book I’m talking about right?  The one where if I choose one action, this happens; pick the other choice and this series of events happens.  Or pick the third option of doing nothing and this happens.  Something like that would be helpful.

I’m at a direction stand-still right now, and I should be writing rather than typing this post.  I have 18,000 words to add to “Journeys” before I can submit it to a potential publisher to hopefully not get to no.  I’m procrastinating at my finest.

Actually, I’m trying to work out whether or not to make it first or third person.  It was originally written in third person, then I started re-writing it in first person.  Now it’s back to third person.  And I’m still only on Chapter Two.

On top of that directional choice, there’s a job opportunity that I want to apply for, especially since it would mean that I may be able to work from home more often than not.  I’d be remiss in saying that if I were still in my old job, the one I was in in January, I’d jump on it.  It’s a promotion and it’s all about writing and editing.  Sounds perfect right?  Not really.  While I was in Cali, I figured out where I wanted to be with my career.  So my directional challenges right now are 1) which job would be more helpful in getting me there and 2) if me chasing my job will also help Ray chase her dream too or not?  Or do I apply and see what happens?

Then there’s this blog.  I’ve talked about a lot of different things on here but the only consistent thing has been my goals and some of my travels.  There’s not been one clear thing that I’ve focused on.  So what is the direction here too?  Don’t think I’m leaving because I’m not; it’s just something I need to consider moving forward.

Any directional choices you’re finding difficult?  What do you do to get past them?

Listening to:  My “Journeys” soundtrack

Reading:  Strangers in Paradise Vol 2 by Terry Moore

Quote of the Day:  “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” ― Thomas A. Edison


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