Perceptions are judgements wrapped in neat, little packages.  Seriously, perceptions, according to the dictionary, are “a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.”

Here’s a great impression for you:  Respect.

I grew up being taught to give respect when people have earned your respect.  What they never tell you is how to earn said respect.  Is it by good actions? Pleasant words? Being formal in informal situations? Calling people out when they step over your boundary lines? Constantly calling someone a name they have asked you more than once not to call them when you aren’t like that with anyone else in the family? You may perceive you are being respectful but you aren’t.

They also never tell you all about the different forms of respect:  Parental respect, respect in friendships, the business world, etc.  The newest one in respect on the internet.


Another great perception is a safe and fair work environment.  Question:  How does that look to you? Because it means different things to different people since safety is viewed as something different for each of us.  For me, it’s a place where I can grow and not worry about screwing up.  It’s being able to feel like I’m breathing clean air and not surrounded by slimy things that steal small patches of happiness. If you’ve ever seen “Howl’s Moving Castle,” those things… Ugh!


Here’s one more for you: The pursuit of happiness. I perceive someone’s life as worthless and unfilled, but they are happy with what they have. I wouldn’t be happy in their life because I perceive it as meaningless. I’m also coming from a D.C. perspective and not a WV background anymore.  I perceive them as not happy because they are scrambling paycheck to paycheck (I still am too; see why I said perceptions were judgements?) but, to them, they are happy for the most part.

I perceive my life as awesome, with a great partner, a family, a few friends, a house, a job, and plenty of “stuff.” Someone else may perceive my life as cluttered, messy, unfathomable, unambitious, etc.  But their perceptions of my life are colored by their experiences and their feelings.

Are they wrong? No. Am I wrong? No.  We just perceive things differently.  You know how that changes though?  Communication!

Enough ramblings.

Listening to:  Amazon Music.

Reading:  Night Broken by Patricia Briggs

Quote of the Day:  “Some people see the cup as half empty. Some people see the cup as half full. I see the cup as too large.” — George Carlin


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