January’s Monthly Goals

So… New Year, new goals.

New month, new goals too.

I didn’t complete any Day Zero goals last month.  I did add a few, but that will be in next month’s post.

Non-Day Zero things from last month:

  • Miles reached: 1,138.8.  170.2 miles to Rauros!
  • Weight: Saw 249 on 12/31
  • Books read: 28 books.
  • Blog Posts: 3
  • Vlog Posts:  11
  • Completed six of the eight Hogwarts Running ClubVirtual Races.
  • Host Christmas.  It was awesome but exhausting.
  • Completed Bookish’s December Readathon.

January’s goals are just adding onto or finishing some of November’s goals, like editing my novel and such.

  • Reach 100+ miles.
  • Get under 245.
  • 10 blog posts.
  • 10 books.
  • 10 vlogs.
  • Book Boston’s flights!
  • Start saving for honeymoon cruise.
  • Edit my NaNoWriMo book.
  • Sign up to try kickboxing.
  • Start Run the Year 2018 mile Challenge.
  • Submit “Finding Home” to Kindle Scout.


Easy peasy right?

Again, Happy New Year folks.


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