May’s Goals

Happy May!

Last week was a depressed week.  I did not want to do too much and I wasn’t sure what all I was going to do to make it through last week.  I didn’t exercise, I got really low miles, my Uber rides were kind of crappy, and I was just in an all-out funk.

Today is a new month though, so time to lace up the sneakers and get cracking.

I completed two 1001 day goals:

  • Reach 200 postcards both sent and collected. 

I also complete one non-1001 days goal I thought was pretty neat.

  • Participate in the Inaugural Quidditch Cup via Racery.  Ended up walking more than I thought I would for this one.  It was only intentional miles and it put me closer to the 350 mile mark.

Before I get started on May’s goals, I want to go over what I did in April.

  • Miles reached: 345.12 (112.88 miles to Rivendell!)  That’s also over 100 miles in month!
  • Weight lost: 10.4 lbs (Down to 293.0 from 303.4 on 4/1).  UNDER 300 LBS!
  • Books read: 9
  • Blog Posts: 6
  • Went to Cross-Fit: 5
  • Planned June’s vacation
  • Booked our first Timeshare Vacation to Mexico in October.
  • Scheduled Passport appointment.
  • Started working on a story and did some research into it.

So what’s May’s goals?

  • Reach 450+ miles.
  • Lose at least 15 more lbs.
  • 12 blog posts.
  • Finish reading five more books.
  • Finish and frame my cross-stitch project.
  • Start on the next story to finish.
  • Do Cross-fit at least eight times this month.
  • Write 10,000 words on any story.
  • Buy more stamps.  I’m going through these like crazy thanks to mailing postcards and birthday cards to my fellow HRC’ers.
  • Build emergency fund back up.
  • Complete a half-marathon.
  • Enjoy the cooking class!
  • Go to DC’s Kerfuffle (OMG, Weezer!!!)
  • Complete the Glacier National Park Racery Event (101.7 miles in 31 days).

It’s going to be an exciting month with plenty to look forward to!

Happy Beltane today too.

Listening to: Nothing yet.

Reading:  Sandman Vol. 3.

Quote of the Day: “Doubt is not the opposite of faith; it is one element of faith.” ― Paul Tillich



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2 responses to “May’s Goals

  1. Best of luck to you! Cheers 🙂

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