Goals Part 2

I talked about fear on Monday and how fear can keep us from going after what we want most.  Part of the 1001 days project, for me at least, is being about to move past those fears and do things I normally wouldn’t.  Today, I wanted to talk about goals and possible challenges just about anyone can do.

Goals for January:

I have a short list of things I want to get done this month because that helps knock off some of my 101 things.

  • Walk/Run at least 85 miles (I’ll update next week on where I stand with this)
  • Lose at least 15 lbs
  • 5 blog posts
  • Finish reading 4 books
  • Complete or start three goals
  • Register all postcards received
  • Add $200 to savings
  • Finish editing The Universal Remote
  • Make Super Epic Rainbow Cake

All of these are doable with some effort and little creativity.


So one really cool way to get out there and do things are challenges.  They’re called challenges because they are different from what gets done day to day.  This year, I’m working on Run the Edge’s 2,017 in 2017 (I may crack 1,000 at the rate I’m going).  It’s difficult but interesting to me anyways.  Walk to Mordor is another one.  It follows Frodo and Sam’s journey from Hobbiton to Mount Doom and back to Bag End (you can go to Grey Heavens, where Frodo goes at the end of the series).

365 day challenges can be interesting as well.  There are 365 day photo challenges, which is exactly that:  One photo every day for 365 days.  PopSugar has a list for their 365 day Happiness Challenge, where you do 365 that make you happy.  Tico and Tina have a list of 15 365 days challenges along with an article on why you should start a 365 project now.


I’ll call these 30 day challenges.  When I Googled “30 day challenges”, I can up with a lot of fitness based challenges.  These aren’t bad but there are much better to do.  I’m doing the 30 miles in 30 days challenge and no alcohol this month and the unsent letter challenge in April.  Forbes had a list of unique 30 day challenges.  I liked Embracing Simple’s list though.  Things like giving up social media for a month, keep a gratitude journal, donate one thing every day, and getting outside are simple but useful things to do.  Anyone can do anything for 30 days right?

My 365 Challenge:

This blog actually started as a 365 day project where I would post a new post every day with the task of that day, thought of the day, question of the day, a story I was working on, new challenge, etc.  It got a little overwhelming, I lost interest and then I’d stop posting or post infrequently enough that I felt I had to start over.  To me, this is part of why the bullet journal is important to me.  It reminds me to post, even if I don’t feel like I have much to say.

And I’m always open to suggestions on what to write about.

Listening to:  Sarah McLachlan’s Mirrorball CD.  I hadn’t heard it in years but it got me through my angst phase.

Reading:  Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Quote of the Day:   “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”― Dalai Lama


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